New Beginnings …

This first post marks the next big step of a little business venture I hope will grow into something viable and wonderful. Although this site is all about these goodies I love to bake (and now, sell), I’ll be blabbing — I mean, blogging — occasionally about food-related stuff. Every now and then, I might pass on a recipe, or ask you for one.

Ever have one of those “ding ding ding!” moments when the light goes on above your head? Baker’s Bounty was the result of one of those moments, when a stranger’s compliment at a Thanksgiving Eve dessert party caught me off guard. Actually, this wasn’t just any stranger. He knew a thing or two about food, being a caterer at high-end resort. He pointed at my dessert and said, “You should sell those. Sell ’em, and don’t give anyone the recipe.”

I sort of laughed him off but later wondered if I shouldn’t at least consider his suggestion. Why not me? If (as we’ve all heard), our true calling in life is the thing we could do all day and it wouldn’t feel like work, then I should be baking a heck of a lot more often.

By New Year’s Day, I had a name for this business, Baker’s Bounty, which flew out of my mouth as I thought about my tendency to bake faster than my family of four can consume … resulting in my personal army of volunteer tasters more than happy to take a load off my hands.

So now I’m converting my volunteer tasters into customers … and I hope to add a few more. I hope you’ll take a look around while you’re here. My menu will change according to season and whimsy.

Welcome, friends.